1) It’s fun to see (ie: read) how stupid humans can actually be…yes KimK, I’m talking to you.

2) There’s an entire # devoted to grumpy cats. Finally, you guys understand!!

3) I can follow people without getting another restraining order.

4) At any moment, I’m able to look at a photographic list of my loyal servants.

5) I can tell the world Boss Man’s secrets in 140 characters or less…in 5 minutes or less. That will teach him to forget to feed me again.

6) It’s an excuse to schedule monthly photo shoots. I love when she washes my fur.

7) It makes it easier to stalk that snooty Persian who dumped me last year.

8) I can finish off some of those pesty community service hours by showing the world how great I am.

Curious? Go follow @maxtheultracat on Twitter. Entertainment will ensue.

Peace out!