As those of you know, I have been fighting hard against this 2016 Slim and Sassy Diet Plan my human has placed on our household. With no thought to my own personal happiness, he has put the Presidential Palace on lockdown! He
has taken all of our sweets, snacks, and champagne out of the house and replaced everything with avocado-infused something or ‘nother. To add insult to injury, he took off the refrigerator door and installed one of those hoity-toity clear

In other words, I have to look at this stuff every time I go in the kitchen!! Blegh.

Where’s a little catnip and carbonara when you need it??

Don’t get me wrong; I am not taking this lying down. I had the first (of many) victories yesterday when I left the refrigerator door open. All of his all-naturalmade-yesterday-no-preservatives crapola spoiled within the first few hours. Ha!
Take that, health and fitness. Now to meet with my henchman (the slightly chubby dog) and plan our second attack. Be forewarned, it is imminent.

Until next time comrades,