Quite often, my publicist receives feedback from fans asking what it’s like to be Max the Ultra Cat. They alllwayys want to hear about the Presidential Palace, my relationship with Boss Man, and what I do with my free time. So, to feed hungry minds, I ripped a page right out of the ‘ol planner. Enjoy!

6:15 am (5:30 if weekend): Start pawing Boss Man to wake up.
6:17 am: Listen to him grumble, but still continue.
6:22 am: Get fed. Yum.
6:35 am: Nap on couch.
8:00 am: Nap on chair.
10:15 am: Sit in favorite box.
11:00 am: Avoid calls from the press and my publicist.
12:00 pm: Try to steal Boss Man’s lunch.
12:30 pm: Eat from my own bowl. Usually poached salmon.
1:15 pm: Nap on bed.
2:00 pm: Look out window, think about going outside.
2:15 pm: Decide not to go outside.
2:30 pm: Get exercise by terrorizing the chiweenie.
4:00 pm: Nap on keyboard.
6:00 pm: Meow until Boss Man serves dinner. Grilled shrimp or fresh flounder.
7:00 pm: Watch my progr’ms on the new flat screen.
9:00 pm: Bedtime in the most inconvenient place for my humans.

Hope this gives you guys a better understanding of my Ultra life!

Talk soon!