Today, as I find myself somewhere north of my fifth life (but when you have nine, who’s counting?)…I think about how things have changed over the past few years. As a young buck, I had so many personality traits that have somehow
slipped by the wayside. I know some of you experienced and worldly kitties can agree! Let’s see if any of the points below resonate…
1) Increased sleep throughout the day, but wake up far more in the middle of the night to party (and pee).
2) Feet under the covers have lost their luster. I’m more likely to snuggle up than attack (the big toe makes an excellent head rest).
3) Food is top priority. Funny, I had some strange surgery and my priorities changed with a snap of the finger!
4) Who in the heck cares about a red laser? The can opener is really what gets me going these days.
5) My wild mane is lightening in hue…but dang if blondes (and grays) don’t have more fun!

Bring on the AARP subscription,