Do you happen to know the significance of this day? Why of course you do! No self-respecting fan would NOT know that today is the day the great Maximus entered this world. While I will not bore you with my age, and really who’s counting, I will let you know that all of the fan mail, calls, and edible arrangements have been much-appreciated…albeit a little expected.

For festivities, my humans have arranged a little shindig for a few of my closest friends…and Parris. Moe, who is technically a step-relative, is coming as well…although I don’t hold high hopes for his gift. Matter-of-fact, that freeloader will probably try to snag some my other gifts…but I digress.

While I do have nine birthdays each year (for my nine lives), the October celebration is my favorite. The air is crisp and the presents tend to be more lucrative…as opposed to say, December. All of you winter babies know that is a disaster waiting to happen! No thank you, I will not “split” my presents between holidays.

Anyways, as much as I would love to chat, I am THE man of the hour. I must attend to my social duties. Fingers crossed for that diamond collar!

In the name of birthdays,