Max. For acting like he enjoys the presence of non-feline companions…day in and day out.

Kidding! Not even my royal training at the Oxford School of Drama can help me pull that one off. All jokes aside, we all know the real star of the 2014 Academy Awards was…wait for it…

JOHN TRAVOLTA and the flub heard around the world! Adele Dazeem? Has this man never seen WICKED or for that matter…RENT?! Clearly he has missed out on the culture of the Great White Way. While Idina Menzel isn’t exactly a household name, she is one to reckon with in the entertainment industry. Sheesh, and all of this coming from a cat!

Me thinks Travolta is just upset he’s never brought home a Tony…or an Oscar while we’re on the subject. Maybe there’s hope for Grease 3?

From Hollywood,
Mack the Sulfur Hat
(my Travoltafied name…find yours on!)