Why hello readers! How are you fine folks? I hope wonderful! Personally, I am rejoicing in the first few sunny days of April. We can officially say, with full hearts, that the worst is behind us!

Have I told you lately how grumpy winter makes this Ultra Cat? So grumpy!! I don’t like to be cold and the finicky weather makes it impossible for me to style my glorious mane! In contrast, spring sweet spring, brings along sunshine, vacations, and those beautiful pastels that compliment me so. Perfection!

Do any of you guys have any special Easter plans? I’ll probably dine with Boss Man’s quirky family…at least those nutty ladies make good lamb! Hopefully Aunt Mimi will bring her perpetually distracted boyfriend. I love to eat off his plate.

Anywho, the time is near…hope you guys are as excited as me! It’s all uphill from here!

Talk soon,