We Have Arrived

Hello Friends, Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know we have all arrived safely. Phew. For fun, I took down a quick summary of the best/worst parts of the flight. Enjoy! The best: 1) The seared tuna sandwiches served on fine china. I should complain more often. 2) The wifi […]

Sky High

Dear Readers, I am writing this from 33,000 feet in the air…talk about the modern age! I can’t decide if I’m happy to be connected or if I miss the days of old (when travel could be blamed on a delayed Words w/ Friends/Candy Crush play). Not going to lie though, I do appreciate being […]


Hi folks, So, as most of you know, I am the proud Spokescat.Humorist.Enlightener (see Twitter @maxtheultracat for deets) for Ultra Pet. Most of the time, this only requires my good looks, robust health, and the occasional ability to hide my disdain for humans. However, after speaking with our marketing manager this week, it seems they’re […]

Max’s Christmas List

To make your lives easier, please see my 2013 Christmas list below: 1) A muzzle for the neighbor’s dog. 2) A speaker system for all of my Rod Stewart records. 3) A Tiffany and Co. monogrammed bowl. 4) A new ionic hair dryer for my fluff. 5) A spa day at The Ritz Carlton. 6) […]

‘Tis the Season…Continued

Oh friends, I spoke too soon. Remember when I said I was writing from feline heaven? How ’bout we go ahead and change that to feline opposite-heaven (you fill in the blanks). The children have arrived. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the fact that future servants exist. Who wouldn’t? But what I don’t understand […]

‘Tis the Season

Hello readers, I’m writing to you from feline heaven. As we speak (write, read, whatever), I am sitting in a climate-controlled room with a real, LIVE tree…surrounded by shiny things that make noise and break!! It’s a CATCHRISTMAS miracle!! Seriously, every year I forget how fun this time of year can be…and all the distractions […]

California Dreamin’

Sir Maximus here, at your service. How are you friendly felines on this cold, winter day?! I hope excellent! If you can’t tell, I’ve really got the spirit today. I have been rehearsing for a film role all day and the adrenaline is pumping. If my scheme goes as planned, I’ll have Boss Man ready […]

Honest Cat

How’s it going? I hope you all are doing exceptionally well. As for me, I’m just dropping in for a quick chat! While scouring the interwebs recently, I came across the blog “Honest Toddler.” How many of you tech-savvy readers are familiar with this hilarious site? Oh my goodness, it had me rolling! Not gonna […]

The Cat Lady’s Sonnet

For all my favorite cat ladies: Dearest of dears with warm fuzzy ears Oh how I love to watch You jump and you spring or slip into dreams As the clock tirelessly tocks You are my friend my companion some say A being so close to my heart Naysayers may nay And the internet may […]

Online Shopping

So, for once in my life, I have decided to actually purchase gifts for others at Christmas. I have budgeted out $12 for my staff of six and am currently looking online for deals. Unfortunately, I was in a food coma and missed out on Black Friday promotions, but I’m ready to step up now. […]