Remember December

Hello folks, In case you’re wondering, we have arrived. It is officially the 12th and final month of the year…with only a few tinsel-covered weeks separating us from 2014. Boy does that sound weird! In honor of these chilly, yet festive, days I have compiled a list…behold: Twelve Reasons You Should Like December 1. It’s […]

Post-Turkey Day Commentary

Wowza. It’s the week after Thanksgiving and I have yet to recover. How are all of you faring with the adjustment? Yea, I thought so. Good heavens. You would think they would warn you about this holiday…maybe even advise us to purchase adjustable pet doors and collars? I can barely breathe OR escape out the […]

Proof That I’m Not Heartless

So, more often than not, I get credited with being a “Grinch-like” type of cat. I’m not easily amused, or impressed. In an effort to try to “mingle” a little more I’ve compiled a list. This list proves why my heart is NOT three sizes too small. Reasons I Do, In Fact, Have A Heart […]

Let’s Talk Litter

As you guys know, I’m the proud spokescat for @UltraPet. When the opportunity first arose, I was a little bit hesitant—I mean isn’t one’s litter life a private matter? Are there no boundaries left in the world? After much thought and deliberation, I realized that nope…there aren’t. So why not?! After all… Fact, people. […]

A Royal Day In The Life

Quite often, my publicist receives feedback from fans asking what it’s like to be Max the Ultra Cat. They alllwayys want to hear about the Presidential Palace, my relationship with Boss Man, and what I do with my free time. So, to feed hungry minds, I ripped a page right out of the ‘ol planner. […]

No Shave November

As you all know, it’s officially “No Shave November”…or as I like to call it, “November” Seriously folks, way to assert your manliness ONE month of the year. Puh-leez. Real cool cats don’t need a Pinteret trend to keep it on point..amiright?? I truly treasure my coiffe and wouldn’t consider shaving it for the world…I […]

I get by with a little help from my…followers

Let me tell you, this has been a great week! I’ve accumulated 70+ followers on Twitter (most of whom are cats!!) and feel like I am finally speaking to people who know the struggle. Whether we’re DM’ing (direct messaging for all you laymen) about our incompetent owners, talking about the latest kitty concert, or just […]

Top 5 Cat Stereotypes That Are, Indeed, True

While I am a proud supporter of individuality, I must admit that there are several feline stereotypes that exist for a reason. For your reference, I’ve included a list below. 1. We’re only in it for the food. Sorry Not Sorry. 2. Hunting is in our nature…even if it only involves chasing that blasted laser. […]

A Single Man: Boss Man Rediscovers Ben and Jerry

Well folks, it happened. My idiotic, but sometimes beloved, human is back on the market. Turns out his soul mate of three weeks has been partaking in some heavy petting…and there wasn’t an animal in sight. Oh well, it happens…right?! That’s what I keep trying to tell him. When someone hangs around powerful people (me), […]

8 Reasons I Like Twitter

1) It’s fun to see (ie: read) how stupid humans can actually be…yes KimK, I’m talking to you. 2) There’s an entire # devoted to grumpy cats. Finally, you guys understand!! 3) I can follow people without getting another restraining order. 4) At any moment, I’m able to look at a photographic list of my […]