Hello friends! Are you ready for some bassseeebbbballll????!!! I’m not. Kidding! I absolutely adore the World Series. What other time of the year can I guarantee that Boss Man will be either 1) out of the Presidential Palace every night for a week or 2) have sloppy friends over that will no doubt share their […]

Chat Noir

Dark kitty Little ball of fur You get a bad rep I’m so sorry sir But the time is near Your favorite time of year That Hallow’s Eve The one you wait for You’re a celebrity at last On cupcakes, school walls And lots and lots of masks Enjoy it friend For the fame is […]

Shocktober Fest

Dear Readers, As a wild and crazy guy, I love the spooky month of October. Nothing gets me going more than really scaring the you-­‐know-­‐what out of unsuspecting humans! It’s hilarious. Now, in an effort to not repeat old tricks, I’m attempting to organize a list of ways to really make a mark this Halloween. […]

Another One Bites The Dust

Fellow Star Watchers, I am sure by now you have heard the…. George Clooney has finally bitten the bullet and joined the masses. He has hitched his wagon, taken the leap, and signed the paperwork. Aka: he finally found his proverbial ball and chain. Oh how this saddens me. I thought I had a compatriot! […]

Autumn Leaves

To whom it may concern: I am very excited about the new season that is upon us. It may come as surprise, but this cosmopolitan Ultra Cat quite enjoys the great outdoors. In particular, mountain trips to experience the true grandeur of the changing leaves. Is there anything more majestic??? (Yes, actually. A double serving […]

Pumpkin Spice Sheep

Dear Readers, I need a moment to vent. Have you heard about all of this Pumpkin Spice nonsense? Ohmygoodnessshutupalready. It’s not even that good!! Further proof that Starbucks is brainwashing our young and making the population more basic by the day. Woof. Now to improve on new flavors, the organization should DEFINITELY think of introducing […]

Hocus Pocus II

Dear Film Aficionados, Kudos. You have done your job well. Apparently, through tireless campaigning, you have brought one of the greats to our cinematic forefront. Hocus Pocus is now playing daily on Lifetime. In other words, winning!! Seriously, what better feline role model is there than Binx? He honors family, loyalty, and truth…not to mention, […]

Hocus Pocus

Hello Readers, It is here, it is here! The most magical time of the year! The time when cats FINALLY receive (some) of the respect they deserve…Hallow’s Eve! I mean seriously, how glorious is it to see all the pictures/decorations of gorgeous kitties noir everywhere? So fantastic. As for me, I’m currently working on costume […]

I heard it in a love song…

Goodness gracious, have you heard the load of balderdash the radio is playing these days? Where did the talent go?? Journey, The Eagles, Tom Petty…now that was something to witness. Even the names now are confusing…Hot Shel Ray? Florida/Georgia Line? #plzstop Thank goodness John Legend is around…now that man is a true artist. I’ve been […]

List It

Hello readers, Before I post on Craigslist, I wanted to reach out and let you know I will be having a yard sale this weekend. It will begin at 8:00 am and close at 8:00 pm (before Boss Man gets back home). Since my human will be out of town, I figured it would be […]