The Seventh Life – A Poem

Feeling a little introspective today…. They say we get nine I sure hope that’s true They say that mine are most overdue I think I’m at seven which is odd, indeed Does that mean that heaven has its eyes on me? I shall not know I will not say I must continue Along my way […]

Spokescat Joy

Dear friends, As most of you know, I am the proud spokescat for Ultra Pet Cat Litter. While the nature of the business may not be glamorous, the reality of this lofty position is quite delightful. Dubious? Read the notations below for further details. 1. I rarely use the same litter twice…and if I do, […]

April Showers Bring…More April Showers

Lawd ‘a mercy folks, it’s been a rainy one. A few days of steady downpour has left this domesticated kitty with a little bit of cabin fever. Not exactly for myself, but in honor of my homebound human. Don’t get me wrong, I love that guy. I just especially love him when he’s out of […]

Birds – A poem

Why hello my sweet you are so kind To show up on my doorstep every day, half past nine You rock and you roll tweeting with ease You flit your little wings and continue to feast My human adores you I do at times You gobble up bread crumbs and sing little rhymes I wish […]

Cat vs. Tape Measure

Hello friends, If you choose any moment to truly listen to me and adhere to my warnings, make it this very second. Do NOT trust a man who carries what the humans like to refer to as a “tape measure.” It is a torture tool. An unpredictable source of terror and all-around anarchy. Do you […]

Perils of Spring

Hello readers, I write this to you from a foreboding bed of kleenex and antihistamines. You guessed it, ferocious felines get allergies too. Happy Spring. No, but really. As THRILLED as I am to show off my figure in the warm weather, this seasonal curse is really getting to me. I mean, how in the […]

Poem of the Week- A Cat’s Love

A cat’s love at once it’s there Suddenly like a kiss from the sky Yet beware The time may come When it can’t bear and must say goodbye If you wish to persist with this ongoing affair I beseech you Handle us with care For we are creatures of comfort food, silence, and sleep We […]

Ice Ice Baby

Phew. Holy Moly. Good Golly Miss Molly, I am in pain. As it turns out, one’s ferocious feline joints aren’t quite as strong after your sixth or seventh life…and I am paying for it by the minute. Honestly, I meant no harm. They were playing my song. I had to dance!! Now, if I’m honest, […]

April, Sweet April

Why hello readers! How are you fine folks? I hope wonderful! Personally, I am rejoicing in the first few sunny days of April. We can officially say, with full hearts, that the worst is behind us! Have I told you lately how grumpy winter makes this Ultra Cat? So grumpy!! I don’t like to be […]

Boss Man’s Lament

I am but a simple man a fellow of limited thoughts But, oh lucky me I have a leader indeed Without his guidance endless patience and friendly ease I would be a ship lost at sea Thanks to the heavens Fortune is upon me I will never be alone Unless he disowns me My life […]