Dear readers,

As most of you know, I have the honor of cohabitating with a freewheeling and fancy free bachelor…who I lovingly refer to as Boss Man. Now, as history shows, more often than not felines are adopted for homes with at least one female. Leave it to me to buck the system.

For your entertainment, I’ve compiled a short list of perks relating to my current lifestyle. Enjoy!

1. There’s always takeout left to snack on…sometimes for days on end! Boy do I love a late night Domino’s order…that can sit around for an entire weekend!
2. The women Boss Man dates always try to impress me. This means lots of belly rubs and contraband food/toys.
3. He never vacuums.
4. More room for me to hog the bed.
5. He doesn’t wake up early. I can’t stand the sound of pots and pans before 11 am.

Thoughts? Any perks to YOUR living situation?

Talk soon,