Dear Readers,

After my brief foray into dating this month, I’ve decided to compile a list of why the single life suits me, and probably you, better. So, if you feel down and
lonely…please refer to this list. It will invigorate you and assist you in keeping the faith. You’re welcome.

Reasons To Stay Single

1. You don’t have to share the litter box. No floral scents or any of that business.
2. You can purr as loud as you want to…no matter what show is on Bravo.
3. You can eat tuna out of the can. Every night, All night.
4. You don’t get called out for having tuna breath. Ever.
5. More human attention for yourself….there is something to be said for a single
cat household.
6. You get the house to yourself when the humans go on vacation. Party on,
7. No accidental scratches when trying to get to the food bowl.
8. No one has to know that sometimes you snuggle with the dog.

And lastly…

9. There will be no one to rat you out for crying during Milo and Otis. Every time.

Hope this helps!