Hello Brainiacs!

The summer heat is waning (not really) and all of you inspired and summer-weary brains are getting back into the groove…time to make moves! How many of you loyal humans are hitting the books this go ‘round?

No matter if you’re in 7th or 17th grade, I think we can all agree that it’s a busy time! I just wanted to send a quick shoutout to your pets and remind you to not neglect their specific needs during this busy time.

We still need copious amounts of attention, ya hear?! I have seen it time and time again: human begins classes, human is gung ho for six weeks, human takes long days with no breaks to come home, human burns out around Fall Break and then we (your lovely pet) finally get you back in our lives.

Don’t be a statistic! Slow and steady wins the race. Color-coding your binder will not guarantee success…but hugging your cat? Now, that might make a difference.

(i.e. your binder won’t get mauled in the middle of the night)

Happy Studying!