Max here. On the proverbial wagon again. Ugh.

As I dare say some of you understand, the holidays were not so kind to my waistband. While it was a stellar year in kitty sleuthing, all the hoarding of human food has really affected my physique. It all started with Thanksgiving…and well, you know the rest.

In order to avoid another human enforced diet (also known as undeserved torture), I have decided to lose the offending lbs before Boss Man notices the extra fluff. Suggestions? I signed up for a few extra jazzercise classes and have locked up the ‘nip for the time being…it tends to make me snack too much. Also, I’ve decided to play with the chiweenie for a horrifying 10 minutes per day (woof, indeed). As you can imagine, I am willing to do anything to avoid that atrocious dry diet cat food. Blegh.

If you guys have any other tips, feel free to share. I’m a mancat on a mission!

Talk soon,