Dear Fans,

I am a litter man. You all know it. As the Cat CEO of NEON Litter, I have your toiletry needs covered.

However, every now and then, my OWN toiletry needs are left unattended. Heavy is the head that wears the crown, no??

For instance, I was recently on a transcontinental flight for a meeting in Tokyo (Japan loves cats) and my assistant FORGOT MY LITTER. I had to use that WEIRD little room on the airplane…the audacity!!

For heaven’s sake, my FACE is on the packaging! Lesson learned though, I have now started bringing along my own portable pouch of #neonlitter—and even scored a little folding litter box for convenience!

Can’t stop this relief train! Have any of you ever found yourself in a similar situation? A time perhaps when nature called and you were unable to answer?

If so, I suggest creating your own #NEONkit like I did…and maybe just maybe, I can get the marketing team on board by next spring. Road trips will never be the same!!

In solidarity,