Hi Folks,

As shown in my last post, I have really been putting a lot of thought into the idea of the family cat as part of the family vacation. It only makes sense!

To illustrate my point, I have compiled a short list of reasons why I, specifically, would benefit from one of these trips. I hope you can relate. Feel free to use as part of your bargaining presentation with YOUR human companion.

1-Vitamin D is a necessary ingredient for a happy life. Happy lives = happy cats. Happy cats do not scratch people or pee in shoes.

2-The sand is good for exfoliation. All cats know our looks are the main reason you keep us around.

3-No guilt over leftover crab legs or popcorn shrimp. It’s handled.

4-You won’t have the frizziest hair in the group.

5- Someone else will know every word to the Jimmy Buffet songs. We don’t have nine lives for nothing.

Now let’s go have a cheeseburger in paradise, mmmk?!?!
Talk soon,