To continue my last post, I will let you in on my experiences as a feral feline. A true child of the urban wilderness, a scrappy cat of the Greek sort. A warrior of the unknown. A creature of the moment with no hedge fund in sight.

It began with the gates of the Presidential Palace slowly opening, with our long winding driveway ahead. I immediately thought of asking the chauffeur for a lift, but then realized this may harm the integrity of my study.

I then set to get out of my admittedly privileged neighborhood. I needed to get closer to the people, not empty and expansive gardens.

Once I finally hit town, I saw a group of scat cats hanging out in the alley by the local Italian eatery. I walked up and introduced myself, all the while trying to lesson the elocution classes I took a few years ago. They were wary at first,
hiding their pizza crusts and salami, but when I announced I was gluten-free they loosened up (for some reason this intimidated them less?). We talked about how crazy humans were to think they could keep us as pets…that these brief
moments of captivity were only times of comfortable plotting. Then we exchanged Instagram handles and promised to meet up in the future.

Imagine their surprise when the story is published! So many more tidbits to share
from my experience! I’ll post a few next week, and then of course, the full article
will be in the next edition of Fabulous Feline Monthly!