Sir Maximus here, at your service. How are you friendly felines on this cold, winter day?! I hope excellent!

If you can’t tell, I’ve really got the spirit today. I have been rehearsing for a film role all day and the adrenaline is pumping. If my scheme goes as planned, I’ll have Boss Man ready to take me to Hollywood for auditions in just a few weeks! Hooray!

At the moment, my role calls for a handsome, regal, and literary secret agent. So me. Granted, once I’ve been in the game longer I’ll branch out for more difficult “acting” opportunities…but for now, why not choose something I can relate to so easily? Baby steps, after all.

Currently, I have the British accent perfected, the wardrobe lined up, and my sidekick pick almost nailed down. I’m thinking Brad Pitt or Antonio Banderas. Any other suggestions? I’m all ears!

…lights, camera, action!