Dear Friends,

Boy oh boy, did I have an interesting afternoon! My secretary’s nephew asked me to come speak to his 2nd grade class for Career Day. What a hoot!

Those little rambling humans were full of questions, and not a bit concerned with the niceties of adult life. Not a bit at all!

I began with a little spiel about how I was able to fight preconceived notions about cats to become one of the leading business minds in the pet industry. Then, I introduced several of our products and discussed how marketing plays such an important role in success (both personal and professional).

And do you know what they asked next? Drumroll please…

They asked what color the poop turns in the litter. Omg! Then, they asked if I was the one to test out the products…I almost keeled over in laughter. Note to self: if you bring cat litter to a class of curious minds, no subject is off the table.

This could be a great commercial…

Back to the basics,