Is it just me or is this whole Presidential race getting both tiresome and stressful?? There are so many candidates pitching in their two cents, without the slightest regard to common sense. Can we get a cat for President already?! Can I get an amen!

For your entertainment, I have compiled a list of reasons a cat, specifically Max the Cat, would be a better choice than all of these other dumbletwigs that are running.

1) Cats do not make rash decisions. No threat of us jumping quickly into an unplanned military dispute; if we strike, it will be calculated to a T.
2) Cats do not lie to make friends. If another country is in the wrong, it will wake up with pee in its shoe.
3) Cats love attention and acclaim. This will keep our actions accountable and honest.
4) Cats have no tolerance to the pandering of dogs. Yes men will not be tolerated.
5) Cats are far more beautiful than these old, gray-haired men in the running. No weird comb-overs here.

You know I’m right.