Would you believe that my friend Smokey has started to feel oddly protective of the little mongrel that has invaded his home?! It’s the weirdest thing! My hilarious snarky comments about its ferociousness keep getting shut down and
reprimanded…and he’s the one who called her a “whiny slobbering mess” the first week.

Apparently, Smokey now sleeps in the little girl’s room just to make sure nothing strange happens. He swears he can hear if her breathing changes and he waits to make sure everything is normal. Further, he told me he has a game plan if
anything strange arises…he will go into the parents’ room and jump on their chest (claws first) if any threat should come.

It’s like the cat ENJOYS this new role or something! Can you believe he even had the audacity to say he thought his dreams of parenthood were dashed years ago…after an unfortunate chop at the vet’s office. Now he believes he has a new lease on life!

Do any of you guys have similar stories? Any protective cat parents out there?

I’m curious!
All the best,