Hello Trusted Associates,

I write to you today to formally divulge the secret of my most prized possession—my stash. Everyone, I imagine, has some sort of trinket box that houses memorable and valuable things that come into their life…no?

Cats, as I know from experience, all share the same tastes when it comes to these collections. Believe me when I say that this news will be earth-shattering for some…

You know those missing socks? Bobby pins? Hair ties? Headphones? Ink pens? We have them. All of them. Secretly tucked away in a dark corner under the bed, in the closet, behind the fridge…you name it.

I guess it started out as a type of sabotage…but then, after our complicity with domecicity settled, it was just turned into a game. Sorry, but it’s really funny to watch humans look for these things.

Don’t blame me!