Something terrible has happened in the feline world. My dear friend Smokey has just had his home invaded…by a tiny, loud alien. It looks and smells human (but sickeningly sweeter)…but acts like a banshee.

I have heard of these horrors before…and the term “baby” or “newborn” has never had a pleasant connotation with cats…but seeing a brother go through this is nothing but heart-wrenching.

His human servants did an expert job hiding the impending danger. Poor Smokey thought his house lady had just gotten on the Krispy Kremes again! Oh how he wishes that were the truth!

As the counterpart of a single bachelor man, I can only imagine the horror. I do not take kindly to unexpected sounds, particularly those of a screeching energy sucker. Please send your thoughts to my dear friend…it’s going to be a long five

In solidarity,