A Bachelor’s Life For Me

Dear Readers, After my brief foray into dating this month, I’ve decided to compile a list of why the single life suits me, and probably you, better. So, if you feel down and lonely…please refer to this list. It will invigorate you and assist you in keeping the faith. You’re welcome. Reasons To Stay Single […]

Hoodwinked, A Poem

She said we would be friends The enemy lines were gone It was all a cover story Because indeed, the lines had been drawnShe took my key With the smile of a saint Plans of action Swirling under her pretty faceI can’t believe I fell for it This trickery and deceit Now I have to […]

The Truce

Great balls of fire, this been one interesting month. It started with the hopefulness of a silly and celebratory Groundhog’s Day, was interrupted by Valentine’s anticipation, followed by a crash course in celebrity dating, and now has ended in a bit of a truce. Sasha obviously was not pleased with my dressing room hi-jinx. However, I […]