Revenge is a Dish…

Dear Fans, Things have really started to get interesting. As you know, the gossip mill was going strong about my recent date with Sasha (the other UltraPet spokescat). Boy did I find a way to get even. Not surprisingly, the little vixen kitten is quite vain. She spends copious amountsof her time bathing and gazing […]

Don’t Date Your Coworkers

Readers, Boy oh boy, there is something to be said for those corporate policies against inter-office dating. I showed up this morning and the gossip bees were alive and well. According to a source, the rumor is that I flew in on a helicopter and forced Sasha to go to dinner with me? While I […]

Love Lost

Well folks, that was interesting. While I did get my Valentine’s date, it didn’t go quite as planned. Sasha STILL didn’t seem that impressed with my gesture and kept going on and on about me doing more asking and less telling. It’s like she didn’t even remember who I was anymore? Anyways, she still agreed […]

Plan B

Here I Go Again: Dear Readers, Plan B is in full force. I have convinced my human to escort me to Sasha’s condo with every pink and red rose the local Publix had to offer. All seven that were left in the store today. We will roll up in the Escalade at 5:30pm. I will exit […]

The Audacity of Love

Hi. Max here. In a state of Valentine’s induced shock. Can you believe Sasha turned down my (very generous) offer?!?!!?! She told the Cupids that my note was demanding and presumptuous. What the heck?! How else was she supposed to know she had been chosen? Heavens, I wanted to give the woman time to get […]

The Big Day

Hello Readers, Today is the big day. Today is the day I finalize my plans for Valentine’s Day 2015. I have done thorough research and am 100% sure that Sasha is leaving her photo shoot at 2pm this afternoon. When she leaves, the Curious Cupids will burst into song the second the studio door opens. […]

Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

Dear Readers…and Lionel Ritchie Fans, I may have figured it out. As you know, that dreadful/incredibly exciting holiday is JUST around the corner and I have been scouring my brain for the appropriate plan of action. Step 1: Find a date. Summary: Decided on asking Sasha, my fellow UltraPet spokesperson. I could lie and say […]

February, Again

Hi Friends, Here we go. The last true winter month…the one spent soaking up those dwindling snowy nights and using every excuse for a snuggie and hot toddy. For me, I quite enjoy this abbreviated month. It’s short enough to be interesting, but long enough to get in a few trips to Aspen. Further, you […]

Run The Dang Ball!

Dear Sports Fans, Can someone please explain to me what happened last Sunday? I am but a poor, cultured feline with no proper training in the barbaric “rules” of football. If I heard correctly, the team from the Pacific Northwest was 1 yard away from winning the whole shebang, with at least three chances to […]

SFS looking for SGL

Public Service Announcement: Single Fun Spokescat looking for a Single Gorgeous Ladycat. Must love foreign films (particularly Italian) and making fun of dogs. Hobbies to include mountain biking, styling, and interior decorating. Must be comfortable living in a Presidential Palace. All applicants will be accessed fairly and individually. Interviews to follow. Bonus points to be […]