You Might Be A Cat If…

You Might Be A Cat If… As you all know, I have a fantastic sense of humor (it matches my excellent personality). Recently, while watching Comedy Central, I caught an old episode of Jeff Foxworthy’s “You Might Be A Redneck If…” stand-up routine. Admittedly, as a refined gentleman I couldn’t quite relate to those jokes…but […]

Top 10 Ways To Please Your Cat

As you probably know, those of the feline persuasion are often credited with bad tempers, finicky tastes, and the tendency to detach emotionally. Let me be the one to tell you that these claims are in fact…true. Nonetheless, if you are looking to mitigate these characteristics, listen to the advice below. 1. Realize that a […]

The Worse Thing

Oh the horrors of KARMA. If I make it this I promise to think carefully about my plans to terminate the Chiweenie. I ask that you please read this post carefully, as it may be my last. The worst thing that can befall a cat has happened to me…I have a toothache. A mind-numbing, life-altering […]

The Dog Whisperer

Since my plan for sending the Chiweenie to Doggy Day Care was a bust, I have big news to share. I recently had some extra time on my hands (I’ve given up on kitty yoga) and have admittedly started catching up on reality television…for anthropological reasons, naturally. While doing so, I came upon Cesar Milan’s […]

The Cold War

Let’s talk about humans for a second. Each of us has one or more…whether we like it or not. In my case, the situation is admittedly tolerable…but far from perfect. For instance, just last night I went up to one of mine on my own accord. I had decided to be friendly and personable for […]

Doggy Day Care

Max here. As you all know, it’s back-to-school time…I’m sure your Facebook feeds have been inundated with all the kiddie pictures and new backpacks; mine too. At first, I was kind of annoyed. Not to be rude…but I really don’t care. Admittedly, I am a grump but once I thought about this a little more, […]

Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound Dear Friends, It is Sunday afternoon and I’ve decided to really start catching up on my to-do list. For today, I’m starting with watching my all-time favorite movie…Homeward Bound. After that, I may take that nap I’ve been meaning to get to all week…but first things first. Have you guys ever seen this […]

The Awakening

I have a feather to fluff. Why do you humans feel the INCESSANT NEED to use inexcusably loud tools on Saturday mornings?! Not only are these items almost always VERY SCARY…they also disrupt a feline’s much-needed beauty rest. Case in point: This morning, after a late night of cartoon reruns and fancy feast, I found […]

Heat Wave

I’ve been trying to keep still and quiet not only because of the “sweater incident” but great goblets of fire it’s been hot! I don’t remember the last time I have experienced this kind of heat (well vaguely, I know it involved South Beach and a misguided attempt to sunbathe…ah, youthful indiscretions). But, seriously…it’s an […]

Circumstantial Evidence

Psst! Hey guys it’s me…but don’t say my name too loud. I’m currently on the lam for a crime that I may or may not have committed. Apparently, Boss Man is upset that his favorite raspberry cashmere sweater is now a shredded disaster…and has the audacity to think I may be the one to blame. […]