A CEO’s Sonnet

Money, money Power, power Fame, fame Ultra, Cat I’m the boss There’s no doubt I run this ship Have all the clout Making decisions Day in, Day out Press releases, release me Never a pout Presidential if you will A leader it’s true But every now and then I haven’t a clue (but don’t tell […]

Cat-niss Protection Program

Hello Folks, So I’ve recently been forced to watch an unbelievable amount of mafia historical dramas on The History Channel, A&E, you name it…aka Boss Man has been under the weather and taking full advantage of the ‘ol DVR. Woof. Anywho, this recent torture has got me thinking…what if I ever end up on the […]


Social Media Enthusiasts, Max here, with a very important philosophical question. What, really, is in a hashtag? Is it a linguistic phenomenon that our generation has had the singular pleasure of experiencing? A juvenile fad that too shall pass? Or, just a really super convenient way of searching on the interwebs? Surprisingly, I don’t have […]

The Walking…WHAT?

Dear Readers, What in the world is up with this TWD hysteria?? Why in the world would you subject yourself to an hour or so of gore and zombie-ness?? People are so weird!! Part of me thinks it is rooted in human nature’s tendency to love conspiracy theories and apocalyptic depictions…but goodness gracious! This stuff […]

Building An Empire

-To all you dreamers and decision-makers: You got this. No, really…you do. If I, a striped rescue from the southern hills can make it to mogul status, so can you. Well, maybe not quite #ultracat mogul status…but you can do all right for yourself! I mean, we didn’t build Egypt in a day did we??? […]

Fashion Week

As the world’s fashion weeks come to a close, I must deliver my two cents on Spring/Summer 15 shows. As an Ultra Cat (read: trendsetter), I must keep my feline friends (and others!) abreast on current waves in fashion. So often we ARE forgotten. In my opinion, the bright turquoise trend will do us all […]

Dream Shopping List

Dear Humans, Please take note. Your feline gurus have spoken and we are sick and tired of the rubbish in your pet cupboards. Time to get with it, folks. First of all, dry food is the equivalent of what you fools call rice cakes. Would YOU like to eat rice cakes for every meal?! Without […]


Hello friends! Are you ready for some bassseeebbbballll????!!! I’m not. Kidding! I absolutely adore the World Series. What other time of the year can I guarantee that Boss Man will be either 1) out of the Presidential Palace every night for a week or 2) have sloppy friends over that will no doubt share their […]

Chat Noir

Dark kitty Little ball of fur You get a bad rep I’m so sorry sir But the time is near Your favorite time of year That Hallow’s Eve The one you wait for You’re a celebrity at last On cupcakes, school walls And lots and lots of masks Enjoy it friend For the fame is […]

Shocktober Fest

Dear Readers, As a wild and crazy guy, I love the spooky month of October. Nothing gets me going more than really scaring the you-­‐know-­‐what out of unsuspecting humans! It’s hilarious. Now, in an effort to not repeat old tricks, I’m attempting to organize a list of ways to really make a mark this Halloween. […]