The Gambler

Hello readers, As you know, I have quite a few connections in Nashville, Tennessee (TSwift, I’m looking at you). Not surprisingly, they all tend to be high-rollers in the music industry and luxury sales. AKA: Bosses. Well, since Churchill Downs (home of the Kentucky Derby) is only a few hours away from Music City, I’ve […]

Sweet September

Dear friends, Happy September!! It is finally here…the month when all of us lusciously-maned kitties finally get a break. Honestly, I wasn’t sure I was going to make it…and I’m not even a long-hair! No wonder those persnickety Persians are always in such a terrible mood. It’s enough to want to go all Mr. Bigglesworth […]

Labor Day Schmabor Day

Dear Fellow Felines, Have you heard all of this Labor Day mess? It’s absolutely hilarious!! Not only are these humans taking pride in LABORING, they’re also insinuating that they actually do anything useful! The audacity. I, for one, find all of this hard to believe. Case in point: my water bowl was so low yesterday […]

Bachelor Perks

Dear readers, As most of you know, I have the honor of cohabitating with a freewheeling and fancy free bachelor…who I lovingly refer to as Boss Man. Now, as history shows, more often than not felines are adopted for homes with at least one female. Leave it to me to buck the system. For your […]

The Inevitable

Well folks, it happened. I finally succumbed to a destiny we all must face…I cracked my iPhone screen (insert ten crying emojis). Uggggggh!!! So annoying. Do you know how hard it is to stalk yourself on Twitter (@maxtheultracat) and Facebook with a cracked screen?! I can’t even see my beautiful mane! The WORST. Furthermore, how […]

Lessons I’ve Learned From Humans

Okay, so I know I give humans a hard time. It’s just too easy sometimes. However, in all honesty, I have learned a few things from these curious creatures over the years. If you’re intrigued…or skeptical… see the list below. 1. Waking up early only makes you miserable and grumpy. Same goes for working. 2. […]

Leos Be Like…

Happy Happy Birthday to all of you sassy, feline, and ferocious lions and lionesses! It is YOUR month! As for me, I have at least one life that started in this beautiful zodiac month…as is easily shown by my gregarious and extroverted nature. Any other Leos out there? Do you feel like you fit the […]

This week, according to Facebook

In summation: 1. Summer is over. Where did the time go?! 2. I am SO ready for football!!! 3. I have been nominated by ______ to participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge. 4. GARTH BROOKS!!!!! 5. Weddings, weddings, and more weddings. Humans, they’re so predictable.

Lyrics by Max

Hello music mavens, As an Ultra Cat and all-around Renaissance Man, I’ve decided to start working on my music career. It only seems natural. First things first, before I learn to play or sing, I would like to come up with a title for my new EP. Priorities, you see. Ideas? Tips? Suggestions? I myself […]

What’s in a name?

Hi folks, Max here with a little nostalgia for everyone! Remember the name-based descriptions we all used to make in elementary school? How fun was that? As time progresses, I’m sure we all could make statements that are little more interesting, and I dare say edgier, than our “happy” and “likes N*Sync” choices of times […]