They’re Back

Dear friends and fans, How many of you have the privilege and burden of living in a college town? Furthermore, a college town with extremely loyal (read: fanatic) sports fans? Whoowee…talk about pros and cons! Don’t get me wrong…the kids are fun and certainly liven things up a bit! With that said, waiting behind them […]

Late Summer Laments

Hello readers, How are you all? Holding up in these last bits of hot summer sun? Might as well soak it up now…because come December, you know we will be begging for more! As for me, I’m making sure I fit in my favorite cat-centric warm weather activities each week. For instance, I make sure […]

Humans, SMH

Hi guys, Max here…with yet another silly human story. Really, will they ever learn? Picture this: It’s 7am this past Saturday and the alarm goes off. As a thoughtful and loyal companion for Boss Man, I found it my duty to start pawing and waking him up. Granted, I knew it was Saturday…but you never […]

Ultra Ulterior Motives

Hello readers, As you all know, I am the proud Spokescat for Ultra Pet Cat Litter. Quite often I get asked how this gig came to be…so I figured I would give you guys a little ultra information on the evolution of an institution. Initially, I have to admit, I was in it for the […]

Kitty Dentist

Hi guys- Max here…barely. Times are tough in the ‘ol Ultra Pet headquarters. Those of you who have experienced a severe toothache will understand my pain [literally]…this stuff is out of control!! One minute, you’re getting all jazzed for some tuna tartare and the next BAM! No food for you. Instead, you get a fun […]

Truth in Fiction…or Fiction in Truth

Hello friends, As you know, I have been recently working on my early memoirs…starting with a childhood in ancient Egypt until my reckless youth in the nightclubs of 1970s New York. It’s a lot. Honestly, I didn’t expect it to be so hard…mentally and emotionally! And…if I’m candid…I don’t always remember that much! It was […]

The Story of Max

Dear fans, How are you? I hope well (fed) of course! It’s summertime here in the Ultra Pet headquarters and it feels like the birthdays, cookouts, and reunions are a daily occurrence these days. But enough of the small talk: I wanted to write you guys a quick note to let you in on a […]

Hunger Games Part IV

Dear Readers, Today, on this most beautiful of afternoons, I must write to you from the confines of my own quarters in the Presidential Palace. Why do you ask? Because I have become the hunted. A prisoner of my own property. First, let me ask…have you guys seen and/or read The Hunger Games? You know, […]

To Kill A Mockingbird

Hello readers, Max reporting from behind enemy lines again. Here in mockingbird central, the assault continues. The humans are either oblivious or part of the plan…only time will tell. As for me, I am plotting my counterattack. I’ve read the entire Hunger Games trilogy and believe that a bow and arrow may be my best […]

Poem of the Week- Summertime

Poem of the Week- Summertime It’s hot and it’s warm the bees start to swarm Singing and stinging their way around The flowers are out There isn’t much doubt Summertime madness is here As I cat I should say That I love the chase of the birds and the bees that I see But for […]