Memorial Day, Max Style

Hello all, As most of my American-based fans know, this week marked one of the most honored holidays in the USA. Memorial Day is first and foremost a time to remember our fallen countrymen and women—those who have given all to protect our everyday freedoms, In all sincerity, this Ultra Cat thanks you. In addition, […]

Feline Focus- A Poem

Feline Focus It’s a chase always a chase to catch the string laser beam or flipping piece of hair A cat’s focus is unmatched its glory unscratched by the fickleness of humans and their self-proclaimed ADHD We watch to win We live to complete We give everything our all So next time you question Where […]

A Friend In Low Places

Oh heavens you guys. My poor feline accomplice just got “shaved” for summer. I mean really, who does this to an unsuspecting cat?! Or human or dog or anybody?! How would you feel if one day, in the middle of your sleep, someone just ran up and gave you a mohawk (all of you punk […]

Room Service

Hello readers, Writing to you from the brink of genius…hold on to your seat. As a spokescat, entrepreneur, and lifestyle advisor, it is not uncommon for me to think accelerated thoughts. Undoubtedly, I am an intellectual. With that said, this time I’ve really outdone myself. Just wait for it. As a feline, have you ever […]

Black Cat Magic- A Poem

Black Cat Magic For centuries and years there has been a fear of the cat colored black Spells were mentioned Accusations made and many feared attack Oh how silly this was an irrational cry for the kitten of the night is no brute He loves you so dear His beauty is divine and his fur […]

But first…May

Hi guys, Not sure if you knew…but it’s the best month of the year!! The most happy, forthcoming, and hopeful one of them all. Not only is the weather moderate and perfect…you also know there will be at least three more without the chill of an ending year! Huzzah! Not going to lie, this Ultra […]

Get Ready

Hi guys, How’s it going? I hope you all are amping up for another spectacular summer…Ultra Cat Style. Honestly, I couldn’t be more ready. I had a meeting with my travel agent today and she has me taken care of to say the least! Since Boss Man usually guilts me into bringing him along, I […]

The Seventh Life – A Poem

Feeling a little introspective today…. They say we get nine I sure hope that’s true They say that mine are most overdue I think I’m at seven which is odd, indeed Does that mean that heaven has its eyes on me? I shall not know I will not say I must continue Along my way […]

Spokescat Joy

Dear friends, As most of you know, I am the proud spokescat for Ultra Pet Cat Litter. While the nature of the business may not be glamorous, the reality of this lofty position is quite delightful. Dubious? Read the notations below for further details. 1. I rarely use the same litter twice…and if I do, […]

April Showers Bring…More April Showers

Lawd ‘a mercy folks, it’s been a rainy one. A few days of steady downpour has left this domesticated kitty with a little bit of cabin fever. Not exactly for myself, but in honor of my homebound human. Don’t get me wrong, I love that guy. I just especially love him when he’s out of […]