Dear Readers,

Let this be a warning to you all: beware of catnip imposters. Today, while searching for a little relaxation and sensory enjoyment, I came upon a catnip plant. Well why not, I thought?? It’s the weekend and I’ve worked hard!

So, with that in mind, I started to indulge. I did not get the heady feeling I desired, and for some reason, started to crave pizza. Further, I noticed a familiar smell that strangely reeked of my human’s overbearing mother.

Then it came to me! I was in the basil plant! How embarrassing! I tried to bathe myself, but I am still attracting flies and can’t help but have margherita flatbread on my mind!

My human is going to lose it when he sees the mess I made. Time to take a 24-hr nap under the couch! I’m just glad it wasn’t poison ivy.

Better luck next time!