I decided to make a few extra bucks this month writing an op-ed for a national pet magazine. The point of the piece was a truthful depiction of a “domesticated” feline on the streets…unsupervised.

As the reigning CEO of UltraPet, I am more than accustomed to being surrounded by men and minions. There is always one staffer or another begging for a sound bite or snippet of my time.

Not today folks, not today. For one day, and one day only, I was just a regular ‘ol tomcat on the prowl. I had no plans for lodging or food, or even a way to watch my evening shows. The loss of a guaranteed wifi connection was perhaps the
scariest part of it all, but lo I survived!

To prepare, I slicked back my hair to hide that it had been expertly dried by a hairdryer the day before. I also made sure to slack on the teeth whitening for the week. Lastly, I took off my Fitbit and began to embrace my wilder side.

Wondering what happened next? Tune in to my next blog post because I can
promise you it was good!

See you soon