Dear Readers,

I am writing to you in earnest today. I have been reflecting on my lives and have noticed a distinct lack of romance in my current existence. Yes, I said it. I need love. While living a life of nobility is nothing short of wonderful, it could be better. After all, what is a King without his Queen? Single and Hungry, that’s what.

So, with that in mind, I am opening my heart to suggestions. If any of you know of smart, unattached, domesticated, and coquettish kitties…please feel free to set up an introduction via Twitter (@maxtheultracat) or this blog. While I do have a history with sassy Persians, I am certainly open to a new demographic. One caveat: must dislike dogs. Isn’t that a movie with John Cusack, btw? I digress…

For now, I shall leave you with bated breath.

Yours truly,