Dear Friends,

Today…I just, I just woke up so lazy. More than cat lazy—more like lounging orangutan lazy.

You get the picture…long stretches to reach food while lesser beings walk around and pet you? Very King Louie from Jungle Book?

Yea, that was me. So uncharacteristic for a CEO and bosscat of my stature! I feel like I always have at least three cell phones to my ear! Perhaps this was the breaking point?

My human uses one of those funny steps tracker devices and I actually fell asleep with it on last night. In total…I walked 214 steps today. In total!!

I think that was a couple of turns around the #NEON box and a few drivebys of me ole food bowl.

Anyone else having a similar weekend? Maybe we’re all resting up for the Super Bowl tomorrow??? I hope so, because I need an excuse!

Fat cat out,