In my last post, we discussed the many, many reasons a feline candidate is needed in the primary elections. That perfect little discussion has had my mind spinning all week! Why, with all the change happening in the world, could this not happen?!  And if so, what change would this bring to our great nation?

I have a few ideas…let’s see if you all agree.

1) There would be serious legislations against mistreatment of animals. I’m thinking Wild Wild West level of the Golden Rule, here. Who’s with me??
2) There would be no vet visits allowed before 10am. Also, every shot would be accompanied by caviar and crackers.
3) Humans would have to take a basic knowledge test to have the honor of cohabitating with a feline. If you can’t find Canada on a map, then clearly the relationship is not going to work.
4) A type of “prenuptial agreement” would be signed by cats and humans prior to any addition of children in the home. All changes would be clearly communicated and agreed upon.
5) Pets get full veto power on additional creatures added to the family. If it barks, it better have a great personality and an excellent judge of personal space.

There is more to come…but wouldn’t this be an excellent start!
All the best,
Sir Max