Recent world events, and sometimes personal, have the tendency to bring all us two-leggers and four-leggers (and bootleggers, too) a bit down. Heavens, just login to your Facebook account and see what I mean! Don’t have one? Good for you (but if you do, follow UltraPet right now k-thanks).

Anywho, I say that to say this…Cheer Up, Buttercup!!

Spring has sprung and you’re still putting up a valiant fight…so chin up and show some self-love! Any wild cat that’s had one of those Reese’s Cup Easter Eggs (or 20–in one sitting) knows what I’m talkin’ about! There are little pleasures
everywhere if you look…some people even say exercise brings on those feelings

(I wouldn’t know).

As for me, it’s a new show on Netflix. And snacks, always snacks. Oh, and of course a big corporate deal too…CEO’s Gonna CEO, what can I say??

Go get ‘em Tigers,