Dear Future Constituents,

Don’t think for one second I have already given up my presidential dreams!! November is coming at us fast and the current political rhetoric is going off the crazy train charts. Goodness gracious!!

Well have no fear…sanity is here. While of course I want my campaign to focus on the issues…I want to drive a little hoopla, too. I’m thinking taking a page out of ye ole grade school book and offering free treats to everyone who votes for me? Seems legit right? I mean, I don’t actually have to give anyone anything once I’m elected…none of these other clowns plan on following through with their crazy antics either. I’ll toss in a bag of UltraPet Litter Pearls, too.

Give everybody something nice and shiny.

Any other tips? It’s about time we had a voice of furry reason in the White House. Think hard…and for heaven’s sake, register to vote!

In the name of Old Glory,