Dear Aspiring Millionaires,

Tired of taking out your own trash? Sick of deciding whether you should buy coffee or lunch? Do you unapologetically want BOTH?!

Well, consider the answer to your problems solved. Let them drink coffee and eat cake!

I have recently considered starting a consulting branch to my UltraPet conglomerate. Why not, right? As shown by my recent posts, I think many of you pet-lovers could really benefit with a little one-on-one with a true, blue feline. Starting with pet sitting, but then, perhaps a training and rescue management arm of the business. The future is untold!

So, back to the point. If you like animals and need to make some $$$, I am here to lead you. Feel free to post your questions or queries below! I will have my people talk to your people; for a small fee and lifetime supply of Fancy Feast of course.

In ambitious solidarity,