Dear Beach Enthusiasts,

This UltraCat did it! I convinced my human to let me accompany him on the yearly extended family vacay! As the CEO of my company, of course I could book my own travel to the Maldives or something…but I wanted the traditional, southern family atmosphere! I mean hello, I am a South Carolina native after all!

We arrived yesterday and, believe it or not, I have already found my niche. Crab hunting!! Did you KNOW that it is easier to find them at night?? And that having NIGHT VISION gives one an unbeatable advantage??

These silly humans with their flashlights! I smoked them all! Let me tell you, that little red laser has nothing on hundreds of scurrying little creatures and the sound of the wild ocean crashing. This is living!

Of course, we practiced catch and release. No harm done…but a lot of fun won!

Next up, challenging my human to a game of ping pong. I’m on a roll.

Wish me luck!