Hello all,

I hope this post finds you fabulously well. More importantly, I hope you are in the midst of early spring and enjoying some tolerable weather at last. Unless you live in Florida. If this is the case, I don’t want to hear about it. The rest of us have been freezing our proverbial you-know-whats off all winter and do not need to hear about your 70+ degree days (or 60 for that matter!).

For a feline that resides in the American Southeast, this season has been UNACCEPTABLE. Multiple snows? Shutdown cities? Ice storms that turned my driveway into a competition for the Stanley Cup? What the heck mother nature?!

No. Thank. You. I’ll pass. My heart goes out to those above the Mason-Dixon, if it was rough here I can only imagine your woes! Again, Florida, this would be wise time to exercise silence.

Not that we don’t all still love you…you’re just that friend right now. You know, the one who’s always in exceptionally good shape while everyone else is on their 5th round of Weight Watchers? Yea, that one. So shut it.

Sorry not sorry,