Dear Friends,

Everyone loves to talk about the “media” and how “they/it” control what is on the forefront of the American mind. Do you know what doesn’t get an iota of the attention it deserves?? The plight of the 7th or 8th feline life! You know, before the hair gets all mangy and you start fitting back into your kitten jeans…but after the freshman fifteen you gain in life Two or Three. This is a subject we need to explore, folks!

Questions like: is catnip still socially acceptable? can you date someone a life or two younger? how can you keep small children out of your favorite hiding spot? is it necessary to still prove your loyalty by dropping off prey at the doorstep? do humans even appreciate the gesture?

These are questions I need answered…and I’m sure a few of you guys do too! Should we start a chat group…or a book club maybe?

Let me know your thoughts!