Dear Friends,

I should have known that the pest P. Catso would insert himself into my new project! If he wasn’t a pain enough during our photo shoots, now he wants in in the music video too?? So annoying!

Just because you originated #litterart does NOT mean you know how to do all things artistic!

Get this, he went to the board and requested to be considered as DJ CATSO for our upcoming video. He arrived to the meeting decked out in an iridescent red crocodile suit, with a full vinyl case of Calvin Harris and Moby records! Talk about trying too hard!

I just don’t know what to do. I will go crazy on set with him again…and I know he will make fun of my bespoke Thom Browne suits. The audacity!

Suggestions on how to manage this feline out? I know some of you other CEOs understand my position.