Max here.
As you all know, it’s back-to-school time…I’m sure your Facebook feeds have been inundated with all the kiddie pictures and new backpacks; mine too. At first, I was kind of annoyed. Not to be rude…but I really don’t care. Admittedly, I am a grump but once I thought about this a little more, I was able to use this observance to scheme on improving my own life.

You guys know about that annoying Chiweenie who visits my home on a daily basis (that’s right Saturday and Sunday too). I truly can’t stand that guy. First of all, if you’re a dog at least look like a dog…but I digress. I’ve been thinking of ways to get rid of him…and this just may be it! Doggy Day Care. You’ve got it, folks! All I have to do is convince his mom that he needs a better education, socialization, and life experiences…and that she would enjoy the camaraderie too.

I can totally do it. I might even throw in a doggy lunchbox to sweeten the deal (I’m all for dramatics). If this works, I won’t have to see that punk for WEEKS at a time…yes!

Wish me luck mates!