Hello Future Constituents!

I myself partook in my civic duty today and cast my vote for THE future leader of the ‘ol U.S. of A. Meow, am I glad that is done! Now I won’t tell you who I voted for…but I can hint that it may have been a write-in candidate under the name of…


I mean who would be better suited to run than moi?! I have blogged on this topic before, so I won’t exhaust the subject, but really…think it through, folks.

1. I have more personable demeanor than Hillary (which says something coming from a cat).
2. I have MUCH better hair than Donald Trump. HUGE amount of better hair. Incredible difference.
3. I have no current lawsuits filed against me.
4. I have no scandalous marriages in my past…it’s a bacherlor’s life for me! Something about a procedure long ago…

Does this help you undecided voters? You have until Tuesday to come to your senses, but do reach out if I can make my stance more clear.

Future COTUS out!