Hi Friends,
Here we go. The last true winter month…the one spent soaking up those dwindling snowy nights and using every excuse for a snuggie and hot toddy. For
me, I quite enjoy this abbreviated month. It’s short enough to be interesting, but long enough to get in a few trips to Aspen.

Further, you get to experience some strange and unexpected holidays. Like Groundhog Day. And President’s Day. [Shoutout to the hearty college kids who
organize well-thought out parties for these types of celebrations…I’ll take an Abe Lincoln hat for one, with a side of Bill Murray please]

There is one hiccup though…and it rhymes with Smalentine. Who knew a celebration of love could be SO stressful?! Jeez Louise. Have you folks figured
out your date yet? Do you even have one? So many questions to be answered. As for me, I’m in the brainstorming phase. Who should be the lucky lass to enjoy
my company on 2/14? Should I go the celebrity route or the kitty next door?

Time to think on it.