Dear Readers,

In our heightened political environment, I have heard a lot of talk about “political correctness.” Some people are all for it, while others find the lack of PC-ness a reason to endorse a certain, very loquacious candidate.

As a cat, I have to say I support a certain tone when speaking about cats…and even other lesser animals. For instance, there are a few trigger words that I wish you two-leggers would just avoid in general! I’ve included a short list below to help you all out a little.

1- You do not “own” us…you are our roommate. Maybe even our caretaker at times…but let’s leave the possessive verbs at the kitty door.

2- I know I have said this before, but a “Cat Lady” is not a bad thing. Stop making that face.

3- Don’t equate someone to a pussycat and mean they are sweet and harmless. It’s patronizing. We are more intellectually and physically powerful than that!

4- Don’t wax poetic about how dogs are more loving, but dumb or cats are manipulative and smart. There are smart dogs and less than sharp kitty cats, and vice versa. Meet my calico cousin named, no joke, Cowpoke if you don’t believe me.

Any questions? If so, I am always here to educate!