As you know, I’ve recently been placed on an involuntary “kitty diet”. As of today, my attempts at a feeding sabotage have proven less than effective which puts me in the unfortunate position of rethinking my options. Naturally, I would love to continue eating as much as I want and living a life of feline leisure; however, due to the medical paranoia and the humans projections of their OWN issues, that doesn’t appear to be an option. Time for Plan B.

I am not inclined to give up my treats. It simply isn’t an option…after my tragic move from sunny Tampa, Florida to Anderson, South Carolina, it’s all I’ve got left. With that being said, it seems that I must lose some of these phantom pounds. It pains me to say this but I decided to start working out…training tough…gettin’ jiggy with it…basically, fittin’ up my fluff.

I’m not exactly a trained athlete so how should I go about starting this ‘working out’ program? I’ve heard the humans talking about P190x and The 30 Day Shred but it seems like way too much effort? Honestly, all that jumping around is clearly undignified. I chase the ChiWeenie at least twice a day doesn’t that count for something? Hmm. What to do, what to do…

I guess for the time being instead of sleeping until noon I’m going to start doing some basic yoga stretching in the mornings. That should take off a few inches, right? If all else fails, I will take center stage (the coffee table in the front lobby) and meow until the humans give me what I want.

Wish me luck,