Hi guys,

How’s it going? I hope you all are amping up for another spectacular summer…Ultra Cat Style. Honestly, I couldn’t be more ready. I had a meeting with my travel agent today and she has me taken care of to say the least! Since Boss Man usually guilts me into bringing him along, I have planned several trips to please us both.

For me, we’ll be going to the Greek Isles of course. As expected, my shipping friends have offered up their villa for a few weeks. I plan on honing my photography skills during this time…and taking advantage of the amazing mediterranean cuisine!

As far as my human is concerned, unfortunately I had to be a little cliché and bourgeois. We’re going to Orlando. What can I say, the man loves Disney. If you need me, I’ll be with the adults in the Epcot Center…commiserating over a $300 meal.

After our adventures with Mickey, we’ll head back over to Europe for one last hoorah…perhaps Cannes?

Talk soon,