Hello Friends,

With the new launch of NEON, we have seen a demand for this artistic twist of litter across the world! Boy do cats/humans want to liven up the restrooom experience. Also, we’re doing our part to debunk the rumor that cohabiting with cats is only for older people.

We are hip! Just ask Taylor Swift, helloooo. What is your favorite color? Do you need litter to match your shower curtain? Methinks it’s about time to step up your style factor!

For me, I like to mix and match. Makes me feel like I’m frolicking in one of those sand vases you can buy at the beach. Or one of those concoctions they use during wedding ceremonies…except I’m not getting married. Just using the loo….which makes it even better!

Where do you live? Where would you like to purchase your NEON Litter? We could be coming to a city near you!

All the best,